Salt Water Sandals

Original Leather Sandals - Youth - Navy

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Salt Water sandals have never gone out of style. Made from beautiful leather and hand-finished with classic brass buckles, people have been rocking their Salties ever since Missouri-based Walter Hoy first crafted a few pairs from off-cuts of US military boot leather, back in the 1940s.

Hardwearing and versatile, word soon got out about Walter’s wonder* sandals and soon enough the Hoy Shoe Company were making them by the crate load. They still are today.

The Salt Water Original is the style that started it all, way back in 1940s Missouri. Which is exactly why they have that effortlessly cool Americana vibe. Comfort, coupled with classic styling, designed to stand the test of time. Available in a range of colours.

  • Youth Salt Water Sandals style
  • Leather sole and upper
  • Brass buckles
  • Adjustable strap and buckle closure
  • Comfortable
  • Effortlessly cool Americana vibe
  • Classic styling, designed to stand the test of time!

  • Remember to check your size against the size guide below before placing your order.

    Please note the Salt Water Sandal sizing, ensure you order the correct size – please refer to the conversions and insole measurements below

    Size 13 (Youth) = UK 13 / US 1 / EU 32 / AU 12
    Size 13 (Youth) Shoe Insole Length = 21cm

    Size 1 (Youth) = UK 1 / US 2 / EU 33 / AU 13
    Size 1 (Youth) Shoe Insole Length = 21.5cm

    Size 2 (Youth) = UK 2 / US 3 / EU 34 / AU 1
    Size 2 (Youth) Shoe Insole Length = 22.5cm

    Size 3 (Youth) = UK 3 / US Women’s Size 5 / EU 35 / AU 2
    Size 3 (Youth) Shoe Insole Length = 23.3cm