Welcome to our world. A place for wonder, delight and down to earth luxury - like butterflies in a garden, fish in a crystal clear stream, like fireflies in a Balinese paddy field, we know you'll love it!


Our gorgeous boutique emerged 12 years ago as the culmination (so far!) of our lifetimes love of clothing, beauty, textures and travel.


We prefer the natural.
We prefer the ethical.
And, not least, we demand the beautiful.
Maharani offers a diverse range of Australian and European labels - tilted to the individual and giving voice to the woman within you. Our clothing, jewelry and accessories are lovingly selected from all over to bring you joy.
Our couture goddess Eleanor, (with her divine helpers), has created a space for your most discerning and decadent self to play in. We invite you into our gorgeous shop to indulge all of your senses. As you know, it's not just shopping!
Come and explore and find yourself in places that you might not have expected- but you will feel totally at home in. We spurn the fast and the disposable. Our clothing embodies the quality and daring that will honour your journey.
And for those of you - our friends who we haven't yet met - welcome to our online experience. We hope you find what you are looking for...